About us

The beginnings of our family company reach back to the year 1988. Our home business of water meter servicing was replaced by our new company Jordan d.o.o..

We started to expand our services to importing new water meter models and today Jordan d.o.o. is an importer and certified servicer for different water meter manufacturers.
Due to the desire to better execute our services and the rise in required laboratory standards we have moved to a new building with better equipment. In the laboratory we replaced our outdated equipment with newer and more precise pieces. The measuring device made for one water meter was replaced by a computerized measuring device for serial water meter testing for sizes up to DN 40 mm. The device uses a closed water circulation system which helps reduce pollution and costs.

In the year 2003 we completely renewed our measuring device for bigger water meters (up to DN 200 mm) and optimized the entire procedure of servicing, calibration and quality checking for water meters.

In the year 2003 our laboratory also received accreditation from the Slovenian Accreditation house for complying with the SIST EN 45004 type C standard in the field of cold water meter quality assurance. That made us one of the first laboratories in Slovenia to have gained an accreditation.

A gained accreditation means that our equipment and procedures conform to the requirements of the standard and so our results are comparable to similar laboratories in Europe.

As confirmation of our excellent work, the Department of Meteorology signed with us a contract for independent water meter verification. In April 2004 we received an appointment from the Slovenian Ministry of education, science and sport for the process of carrying out conformity assessment procedures and regular and irregular water meter servicing. Our verification seal appointed with the accreditation means that our work conforms to national regulations and assures precision to within tolerances defined by law. Only water meters with this kind of seal are legally allowed to be used for billing of water consumption.

This appointment, together with our accreditation proves our stride to quality and knowledge. So if you need advice about water metering give us a call, we will be happy to help.

Company history
1988 Establishment of home craft workshop
1988 Gained appointment from Savezni Zavod za Mere i Dragocene Metale-Beograd to repair water meters
1990 Founding of Jordan d.o.o.
1996 Opening of Jordan&P - BiH Zenica
2001 Moved to new building
2002 Opening of Jordan Mac - Makedonija Skopje
2002 Gained the SIST EN 45004 type C standard
2003 Gained SA accreditation
2004 Opening of Jordan Yu - Srbija Beograd
2006 Opening of Jordan Mjerila – Hrvaška Zagreb

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